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The Joke of Vettel Not Champion

By November 29, 2012

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I was quite amused last night when I went home very late to find an F1 journalist colleague saying on his Facebook that it was possible that the results of the Brazilian Grand Prix would be protested by Ferrari for an apparent illegal passing move by Sebastian Vettel, and that the result could be that Fernando Alonso would be champion - not Vettel.  I mean, hey, this was exactly the deal I expected to happen AFTER the race - I mean, an hour or so after the race.  Not because I expected there had been any wrong doing - just because I expected that someone had to make a protest!  So I wrote onto my friend's Facebook page saying that he obviously had a fun sense of humor and the season was over and bringing out his joking nature.

Woke up this morning to find that there HAD been a letter sent by the Ferrari team for clarification to the FIA over a move Vettel made during the race.  This letter had been sent Wednesday night, it seems, three days after the race....  Huh?  Well, the FIA will clarify it, and apparently did so to Autosport, and the result is that there is "No Case."  According to Autosport.

It also turned out that Bernie Ecclestone, the F1 promoter, also thought it was, in his words, "a joke."  Well, let's keep posted.  Too bad it was such a great end to the season and had to be spoiled - at least momentarily.


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