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Basic Design

Formula 1 cars are the most advanced racing cars in the world. Find out what separates them from other racing cars and what their basic design is, as laid out in F1's ever evolving technical regulations.

F1Technical Site: For the Basics of the Design of all Formula 1 Cars
The F1Technical site has a collection of outlines of the basic design of most of the Formula 1 cars back to the beginning of the F1 championship. It is an easy to use site, well presented and well thought out. A great reference for both occasional fans and specialists.

Not Very Sexy on the Outside, but the Life of an F1 is in its Engine
Car engines hold little interest for most people. Even Formula 1 fans generally prefer to talk about a sexy new aerodynamic wing on the chassis than a modified piston. Yet in the words of Rob White, the director of the Renault team's engine department, it is the thing that turns the sleek, inanimate racing car into a vital force.

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