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Formula 1 is a tribal sport with its teams selling merchandise to fans eager to show who they are supporting: find out where to buy team paraphernalia, like clothes, hats and gadgets. But also where to find books, magazines, DVDs, games and other material to live the sport when not watching it at the track or on television - in fact, find the television listings too.
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ING Renault Car Launch: A Typical F1 Racing Car Presentation
Formula 1 team car launches have become large annual events that kick off the new year, if not exactly the new season. The Renault car launch in Paris in January was a typical example of the genre today.

Formula 1 Name Brand Merchandise
Unlike many other sports and racing series, Formula 1, does not have a centralized merchandise system. The teams such as Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, Williams, etc., have their own lines of merchandise, which they sell in separate booths at the tracks during race weekends. Then there is the Formula 1 promoter's line of F1 merchandise, which is not linked to any one particular team.

"Senna" Documentary Goes Beyond Racing Theme Alone
The documentary film about the life of Ayrton Senna has become one of the top selling documentary films in the UK, and has reached audiences around the world outside of the usual Formula 1 fan base.

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