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The twenty-two greatest drivers of open-wheel racing in the world race in Formula 1's eleven teams. Learn who they are, their racing style, accomplishments and what they are really like as people off the track. See their pictures and find out where they come from and how they made it to the pinnacle of motor racing.
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Trulli Speaks About Lotus
Jarno Trulli lost his job at the Toyota team after the Japanese carmaker withdrew from the series over the winter 2009-2010. He then joined the newly revived Lotus team and here spoke to Brad Spurgeon about his new life, the team and his director, Mike Gascoyne, with whom he has now worked several times.

Jenson Button on his New McLaren Team
Jenson Button, the reigning world champion, jumped from the Brawn GP team to the McLaren Mercedes team over the 2009/2010 winter season. In an interview, he discussed how it felt to change teams, and see the world champion's No. 1 on his car for the first time in his career.

Robert Kubica Visits the Renault F1 Team Factory
Robert Kubica started his racing career at the BMW Sauber team and proved with his first race victory there in 2008 that he was ready to move to the top. After a difficult year for the team in 2009, Kubica moved on to the former world champion winning Renault team for 2010. He visited the factory a couple of weeks before testing began

Lewis Hamilton Outgoing World Champion in Brazil
In both 2008 and 2009 at the Brazilian Grand Prix a British driver won the title against a Brazilian driver with the British driver having the number 22 on his car and each time the car was powered by a Mercedes engine and each time the winner of the title finished only fifth in the race. Here is an interview with the winner of the title in question last year, Lewis Hamilton.

Kimi Raikkonen Returns to the Action
Kimi Raikkonen was world champion in 2007. In 2008 he had a bad season while his Ferrari teammate Felipe Massa almost won the title. 2009 started out as a very bad season, until Raikkonen won the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps, and had four podium finishes in a row. He gave this interview just before Spa.

Tonio Liuzzi Goes Racing Again
Tonio Liuzzi talks about suddenly being called in to race again after a couple of seasons as a test driver. The Italian was called to replace Giancarlo Fisichella at Force India who was hired in turn to replace Felipe Massa at the Ferrari team.

Timo Glock Discusses The European Grand Prix of 2009
Timo Glock discusses the European Grand Prix of 2009 where he scored the fastest lap of the race in his Toyota.

Mark Webber Discusses His First Formula 1 Victory
Mark Webber won his first ever race in Formula 1 at the German Grand Prix of 2009 driving a Red Bull, after starting in the sport at Minardi in 2002. He spoke about the first victory two days afterwards.

Formula 1 Drivers are Lightweight Again
How much does a Formula 1 driver weigh? What is the ideal height? These are questions that have not been heard for a few years in a sport where the best drivers used to be like horse racing jockeys. But thanks to a new technology called KERS introduced in 2009, the question of driver heights and weights came back again - more relevant than ever.

Force India Drivers Discuss the Malaysian Grand Prix of 2009
The Force India Formula 1 team drivers Adrian Sutil and Giancarlo Fisichella discuss in a podcast their results at the 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix.

Michael Schumacher Speaks About His Life After Racing
At the inauguration of the Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower in Oct. 2008, a building project in Abu Dhabi, the seven-time world champion gave an exclusive interview to Brad Spurgeon about his life after retiring from motor racing. The most successful driver in history, Schumacher is taking life easy, involving himself in many projects...

The Formula 1 Silly Season
Every summer the teams decide who they will sign for the following season. Although some drivers have longterm contracts, other drivers are frequently on the move from team to team. Others are cut quickly and disappear. The so-called "silly season" is a period where the puzzle of who will race for whom comes together piece by piece, and often...

Timo Glock Discusses His Accident At the German Grand Prix
Timo Glock was involved in a terrible accident in his Toyota Formula 1 car at his home race, the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim. The rear right suspension of his car broke and the wheel became detached from the car. The car went backwards into the concrete pit wall and skidded across the track. He was shaken and winded, but tests revealed no injury. He tells us about it in this team interview.

Nick Heidfeld Discusses His Return To Strength After British
After an excellent season last year, and a good start to 2008, Nick Heidfeld recently had a few difficulties. But at the British Grand Prix he finished a fine second place and said many of the problems he had been having - especially with qualifying - had been overcome. He tells us about it in this team interview as he prepares for his home German Grand Prix in less than two weeks.

Robert Kubica Discusses His Victory at the Canadian Grand Prix
Robert Kubica won his first Formula 1 race at the Canadian Grand Prix of 2008. In this interview he spoke about his victory, which was also the first for his BMW Sauber team and the first for a Polish driver in the history of the sport. Most remarkable is how he won the race a year after his horrendous accident at the same circuit.

Danica Patrick: First Woman To Win Major International Race
In 2008 Danica Patrick became the first woman to win a major international open-wheel race when she won an Indy Racing League event in Japan. Before that, however, she had a long career working here way up the levels in open-wheel racing in Europe with a view to making it to Formula 1. She first attracted international attention when she became the first woman to lead the Indianapolis 500.

BMW Sauber Drivers Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica on F1 in 2008
After winter testing and before the 2008 Formula 1 season began, BMW Sauber drivers Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica spoke about their thoughts on the new car, season and Formula 1 in general.

Nick Heidfeld on His Successful Start to the 2007 F1 Season
Nick Heidfeld spoke about his success in the first races of the 2007 F1 season before the Bahrain Grand Prix. Heidfeld, who drives for the BMW Sauber team, finished the first two races in fourth position, and then finished fourth again in Bahrain, after this interview. Heidfeld discussed rumors that he wants to change to a new team next year, perhaps Toyota.

Jarno Trulli: The Fast, Restless Italian at Toyota
Jarno Trulli came to prominence in Formula 1 in 1997 when in his first year in the sport he moved from the slow Minardi team to the then fast Prost team as a replacement for another driver in mid-season. It would take until the Monaco Grand Prix of 2004 for the Italian to win a race - but what a race to win. Since then, however, it has been a rough road for the fast, but sometimes shaky, driver at Toyota.

ABC's of a Formula 1 Driver's Physical Fitness
Formula 1 drivers undergo physical demands in the cockpit of a kind that no other athlete faces. G-Forces throughout an hour-and-a-half race make their heads four to five times their regular weight, and they must make split-second decisions that could cost them or others their lives while enduring intense heat, humidity and vibrations from the...

Bruno Senna Talks About Joining the Williams Team
Bruno Senna joined the Williams team as a full-time F1 driver for 2012. It is the same team at which is his uncle, Ayrton Senna, drove when he had his fatal accident at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1996. Upon signing with the team in January 2012, Senna spoke with a Williams team person about joining the team.

Physical and Mental Strain of F1 Race Travel
The Formula 1 season often starts or ends with a series of so-called "flyaway" races, which are challenging not only because of the nature of their tracks but also because they are all in locations far from the European home bases of the teams and each is in a different climate.

Formula 1 Drivers Accident Recovery Process
When Felipe Massa, the Ferrari driver, was struck in the head by a spring that had come loose from another car at the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2009, the Brazilian's subsequent ordeal was one of the trickiest in decades in a series that has been without a fatality for 15 years. Recovering from injury is an art and a science in Formula 1.

Drivers Wrestle With Mental Challenge to Win Drivers' Title
Formula 1 drivers must be fast on the track. But the mental game and challenge they have in trying to win the title is equally as important and trying.

Many Women Work in F1; Why No Women Drivers?
In what is essentially considered a macho sport, there are a few women who are breaking the mold in Formula 1, where, as is the tradition elsewhere in auto racing, they usually occupy marketing, media relations and hospitality jobs. While more women than ever work the technical jobs to make the cars go fast, the one area where they are still...

The Dynamic of the Duo in F1 Teams
McLaren with its two English world champion drivers in 2010 became the first time two British world champions raced on the same team since Graham Hill and Jim Clark at Lotus in 1968. In the first year, McLaren was on a season-long public relations drive to emphasize how cozy and brotherly are these two rival teammates. Teammates do not really...

F1 Drivers Must Control Emotion to Drive Well
Great racing requires cool nerves, psychology and self discipline. In such a high-speed sport, tempers and emotions invariably fly. But whether it be caused by an intentional attack or personal error, the consequences are almost always negative.

Pastor Maldonado Talks About His First Victory in Formula 1
Pastor Maldonado joined Formula 1 as a driver at the Williams team in 2011. At the Spanish Grand Prix in 2012, the fifth race of his second season in the series, Maldonado took his first victory. He poke with his team about his thoughts on his first win in Formula 1 and the season up to that point.

Kobayashi Talks About His Fifth Place Finish at the Spanish Grand Prix
At the Spanish Grand Prix in 2012 Sauber F1 Team driver Kamui Kobayashi equaled what was up to then his best race result in his Formula 1 career. The Japanese came fifth at the Circuit de Catalunya, just as he had done at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2011.

A Key to the Mental Make up of an F1 Driver: Bravery
Formula 1 racing has become safer over the decades, but most people involved with the sport, including the old drivers, say that it still requires strong amounts of bravery in the mental makeup of a driver.

Mark Webber Talks About Signing for Another Year at Red Bull Racing
Mark Webber, who has been driving for the Red Bull Racing team since 2007, signed up again for the Red Bull team in 2012 to race another year, through 2013. He had been in talks with Ferrari, but decided after winning the British Grand Prix in July 2012 to continue with Red Bull Racing.

How Formula 1 Drivers Start Out and Why
For many of the greatest F1 drivers, the rise to the top involved first joining a smaller team where they completed something of an apprenticeship in a racing job that compares to none other in its demands and intensity.

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