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Formula 1 101

In a world full of different auto racing series at the regional, national and even international level, Formula 1 rides above them all. Come find the basic outlines of the pinnacle of open-wheel, single-seater racing. Learn where Grand Prix races take place, who the great drivers are and what makes this sport so different.
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A Visit to the Formula 1 Starting Grid
For any race fan lucky enough to go there, the Formula 1 starting grid is the most exciting place on earth in the half hour before a Grand Prix starts. It is the place where the teams, cars, drivers, stars, media and dignitaries assemble in the culmination to the Grand Prix weekend before a race starts. Make a visit to the several starting grids of the season through this pictorial display.

From Karting to Formula 1: First Classes in the School of Auto Racing
Virtually all of the Formula 1 drivers start out racing as children in go-karts. Karting is the best school for racing because it is F1 in miniature: Competition, mechanics, driving skills, human relations - everything a driver must know to race at the highest level starts at the lowest level. Karting even has its own annual world championship.

The Developing Saga of Formula 1 Qualifying
Formula 1 qualifying is a system of grid designation unlike any other in motor racing. After five seasons of changes and fine tuning, the sport has finally found a system that works.

Official Formula 1 Web Site
The official Formula 1 web site run by the promoter of the sport, Formula1.com is not only a good reference for news and details about rules and regulations. It is also the best place to go for live timing during races. But don't expect to find much of the latest gossip or politics.

2011 Saw a Raft of Changes to the Rules and Regulations in F1
The 2011 season had many changes made to the Sporting and Technical Regulations in order to, mostly, liven up the racing show.

Age Old Question of Whether it is the Car or the Driver that Counts
The question has existed almost as long as auto racing: What is more important, the car or the driver?

F1 Teams and Drivers Have to Pay Traffic Fines Too
The FIA inflicts monetary fines on drivers, teams and team personnel for failing to follow the rules, both on track and off. Here is a look at a few of those fines in 2012, and how the system works.

How Formula 1 Drivers Start Out and Why
For many of the greatest F1 drivers, the rise to the top involved first joining a smaller team where they completed something of an apprenticeship in a racing job that compares to none other in its demands and intensity.

Formula 1 Has Long Been Part of Asian Racing
Home to six of the 20 races in 2012, Asia has also taken away some of its main Asian financial backers of Formula 1 of the past - notably the Honda and Toyota car companies, which had owned teams but left the series citing the global financial crisis. But the Asian presence remains a large and disparate one, nonetheless.

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