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Everything You Need to Know to Follow Formula 1 Grand Prix Races


Find out how Formula 1 works, the news of the current season, recaps, previews, standings, and schedules. Learn about the various tracks that host the races, about the cars and race strategy.
  1. Basic Rules & Regulations
  2. Paddock Life

Basic Rules & Regulations

Formula 1 racing is defined by a strict set of rules and regulations. Those in turn define the nature of the sport and how it differs from the other leagues and formulas of motor racing. It is not only about speed and powerful cars - it is about strategy, qualifying, technology.

Paddock Life

Formula 1 is described by its own participants in terms of a traveling circus. The paddock is the area off track where the teams gather to do all of their work except for what is done in the garage or on the track. That is to say, the paddock is where the deals are done, the strategy discussed, the sponsors wooed and where the media meets the drivers and other team members. It is also described as the inner sanctum of the pinnacle of motor racing, the heart of what's hot in motor sport.

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