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Formula 1 Encyclopedia

One of the strengths of Formula 1 motor racing over the world's other racing series is its long history, from its founding in 1950. Find out how it all started, who were the legendary drivers, the most important moments, records and other people who left their mark.
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History of the Indian Grand Prix
The Indian Grand Prix in Greater Noida, outside New Delhi, was one of the Formula 1 races that it had once seemed would never happen, could never happen -- and then not only did it happen, but when it did it wowed the world.

Retromobile: A History of Formula 1 Cars
For over 30 years the annual Retromobile car show has presented the world's finest old cars. This year there were many cars from both eras of Grand Prix racing, pre-F1 and F1, including the centrepiece Auto Union D-Type car that won the French Grand Prix in 1939 and Gilles Villeneuve's Ferrari Formula 1 car with which he won the Canadian Grand...

Formula 1 Encyclopedia on GrandPrix.com
Among the better, easier to use quick reference historical sources for Formula 1 racing is the online encyclopedia at GrandPrix.com. Laid out clearly under headings for races, drivers, constructors, circuits, people, sponsors, engines, fuel companies and tires, it is maintained and written by Joe Saward, who is not only a longtime F1 journalist, but a trained historian.

Formula 1 Historical Information and Stories
Learn about the people, teams and races of the past in Formula 1.

History of the Australian Grand Prix
Unlike most of the race sites halfway around the world from the sport's traditional home in Europe, Australia had a long and rich auto-racing history before the country's first Formula 1 event took place in 1985.

History of the Malaysian Grand Prix
When it was inaugurated in 1999, the Malaysian Grand Prix had a custom-built circuit that was the biggest, most technologically advanced in Formula 1 history. It was the first step in an unprecedented expansion by the series around the world.

History of the Chinese Grand Prix
When the inaugural Chinese Grand Prix took place outside Shanghai in 2004, it marked a huge success for Formula 1 as it broke into one of the final territories lacking from its world series.

History of the Bahrain Grand Prix
When the Bahrain Grand Prix was on the Formula 1 calendar for the first time, in 2004, it was hailed with great expectations as the first of the elite series' races in the Middle East, the Gulf kingdom having beaten out such other potential regional hosts as Egypt, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

History of the Spanish Grand Prix
It was not until the last decade that the Spanish Grand Prix came into its own on the Formula 1 calendar, with all of Spain backing it and the series itself becoming the second- or third-most popular sport in the country, after soccer and cycling.

History of Monaco Grand Prix
Visually, there is no other event like the Monaco Grand Prix, with the spectacular backdrop of the yacht-filled Mediterranean harbor and the Monte Carlo cityscape of luxury apartment buildings, hotels, the casino and the palace, and the track winding and weaving up and down and through the stunning landscape.

History of Canadian Grand Prix
Although it is now one of the mainstays of Formula 1, the Canadian Grand Prix only started in 1967, as part of Canada's centennial celebrations. In fact, the first so-called Canadian Grand Prix was a sports car race in 1961 at Mosport, a track northeast of Toronto, but the real history of the race began in 1967 when that same track staged the...

History of the European Grand Prix
Although it has never had a permanent home, the European Grand Prix nonetheless has a rich history of exceptional races.

Other races in the Formula One series may feel more steeped in Grand Prix...
Other races in the Formula One series may feel more steeped in Grand Prix racing history - the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, for example, or the Monaco Grand Prix, or even the German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring old and new - but no other race on the calendar is as symbolic of the story of the modern incarnation of Grand Prix racing as the...

History of German Grand Prix
Although only a few German drivers have made their mark in the series, the German Grand Prix is as steeped in the history of Formula One as those of the other leading countries, Britain, France and Italy.

History of the Hungarian Grand Prix
In August 1986, Formula 1 staged the Hungarian Grand Prix, its first race behind the so-called Iron Curtain. Bernie Ecclestone wanted to run it in a park in central Budapest, but the government refused. So a track was built in a field near the village of Mogyorod, 19 kilometers, or 12 miles, northeast of the city.

Sauber: The Strong Independent F1 Team
The Sauber team was always a top team in style, although it never found the budget necessary to graduate to the next level. When BMW bought the Swiss team based in Hinwil, it invested in the factory and staff in a way that Sauber was never able to do, and as of 2012 the results began to show consistently.

History of the Belgian Grand Prix
For a tiny European country without a major automotive industry, Belgium has an enormous racing culture and history -- and one of the greatest racetracks in the world, at Spa-Francorchamps. Founded in 1921 and first used for a Grand Prix race in 1925, the circuit, unlike most of the old circuits, was able to modernize.

History of the Italian Grand Prix
Probably more than with any other Formula One race, the history and host track of the Italian Grand Prix are indivisible. Usually, the Italian Grand Prix is the last of the season's races in Europe, and it serves as a reminder of Formula One history to all who attend.

History of the Singapore Grand Prix
Before the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix in 2008, the new race was billed as the Monaco of Asia. Monaco was the richest, most glamorous Formula 1 race, with the most important impact on business-to-business deals within the sport and among its sponsors.

History of the Japanese Grand Prix
The expansion of the series to Asia began to take root nearly 40 years ago with the Japanese Grand Prix, and now has spread to six races in Asia. But Japan remains the most successful.

History of the Korean Grand Prix
Right until the last minute, the Korean Grand Prix almost did not happen. But two years later, it was hosting its third edition and the race was confirmed to continue.

History of the United States Grand Prix
It's been a long history for Formula 1 and the United States, with many of the great stories of the series written on race tracks across the country, at a total of nine different locations. The most recent chapter, from 2000 to 2007, unfolded at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In 2012 the series staged a new U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.

History of the Brazilian Grand Prix
The history of the Brazilian Grand Prix coincides with the rise of successful Brazilian drivers in Formula 1. The first race in Brazil was held the year after Emerson Fittipaldi became the youngest world champion, at 25, in 1972. He won the first two editions of the race, in 1973 and 1974. Nelson Piquet won the race in 1983 and 1986, during the...

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