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Organizations and Associations

As the most highly organized form of motor racing, Formula 1 is surrounded and controlled by organizations and associations that make the rules, govern, and promote the sport. Find links and outlines of these groups with acronyms like FIA, FOM, GPDA, FOPA and GPMA, and what purpose they fulfill.

Formula One Teams Association, The Teams' United Front
In 2008 the 10 Formula 1 teams created an organization called the Formula One Teams Association. The goal of the group was to have a structure for the teams to work together in as a negotiating tool between the teams and the International Automobile Federation and the F1 promoter, Bernie Ecclestone.

Grand Prix Drivers' Association, Where Racers Cease to Compete
The Grand Prix Drivers' Association was founded by the F1 drivers themselves in 1961 in order to improve and ensure safety conditions and payments. It has lasted since that time with a few short breaks, and has grown into covering other areas for the drivers, including such things as dealing with the FIA over rules and fighting for cheaper personal insurance.

International Automobile Federation, the F1 Governing Body
The International Automobile Federation, based in Paris and Geneva, Switzerland, is the governing body of world motor racing. It is the rules maker and owner of the Formula 1 world championship. It organizes the F1 schedule and oversees safety, rules and regulations and licenses for drivers. It also settles disputes regarding rules, regulations and conduct.

Formula One Photographers Association
Media coverage of Formula 1 is highly regulated by the International Automobile Federation, which grants journalists the press passes that allow them into the paddock, pits and starting grid. But organization comes not only from the outside - many F1 photo journalists decided to create their own organization, the Formula One Photographers Association.

F1 Drivers Compete With Each Other on the Track - But Work Together Off It
Can a score of the world's most competitive people agree on a common cause? When it's about their collective self-interest, of course or, at least most of the time. Formula 1 drivers normally spend their weekends fighting for the same piece of glory. But they regularly meet under the banner of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association.

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