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Paddock Life

The paddock is the inner sanctum at a Formula 1 race, where the teams carry out their business in elaborate motor homes and the deals are made and the stories and politics break out. Step inside the paddock for recent gossip and to find out about the visiting celebrities, movie stars, sports people and others who congregate in the exclusive team area during a race weekend.

Formula 1 Feeder Series Prize Giving
It was a glitzy awards ceremony at the GP2 Asia end of series celebration, and launch for the new GP2 series in Europe. The ceremony took place at the Billionaire club in Istanbul on the weekend of the Turkish Grand Prix, reminding us of Flavio Briatore.

Formula 1 And The Celebrities
Formula 1 races have always attracted celebrities and stars. The 2008 season was no different. The stars particularly enjoy visiting the starting grid in the minutes before a race starts. There they can get close to the cars and drivers.

A Great Chess Player Visits the Formula 1 Paddock
Zoltan Almasi, one of the world's greatest chess players, visited the Formula 1 paddock at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Almasi is a fan of motor racing, and his visit was an excellent opportunity to compare the two sports. Formula 1 is one of the fastest sports in the world, while chess is one of the slowest. But they both require strategy and tactics.

Paddock Life at the Monaco Grand Prix
The Monaco Grand Prix is the most glamorous motor racing event in the world. Each year it attracts the stars from up the coast at the Cannes Film Festival and beyond. Taking place in the narrow streets of the principality in the south of France, the race has a completely different atmosphere to any other race in its paddock and the harbor next...

The Motor Homes of the World's Most Luxurious Paddock
At the European races on the Formula 1 calendar the teams all bring their own elaborate motor home to each race. In these elaborate traveling hospitality areas, the teams carry out their relations with the press and sponsors. They also use the motor homes as a dining area to feed the members of the team. Each season sees a new motor home or...

Red Bulletin: The Almost Independent Paddock Newspaper
Whether you are at the track or at home, one of the best places to find the gossip of paddock life is in the Red Bulletin newspaper. Written, assembled and printed in the paddock at each race, the newspaper calls itself "almost independent," since it does have as its proprietor the Red Bull energy drink company, which also owns a couple of the teams.

A Breed of Super Fan in the Exclusive F1 Paddock
One reason why Formula One became a successful worldwide business, an elite sport that arouses the curiosity of fans and sponsors like few others, is because it was designed to be one of the most exclusive sports in terms of public access. A rare breed of "superfans" defies all convention, gaining access to the most exclusive area of the...

Formula 1 Photographers on the Edge of the Fastest Sport
The Formula 1 series is covered by media around the world. Specialized magazines, newspapers, and web sites all need photos of the track and paddock action. The photographers that take these photos sometimes rise up to the level of artists.

Stars 'n Cars: Glitz and Glamour in the F1 Paddock
There has long been a mutual love affair between Formula 1 racing and movie stars, with their glamour and glitz. Here's the story behind the glitz of paddock life.

Lyndy Redding, Talks About the McLaren Formula 1 team's Catering Company
Lyndy Redding, chef and founder of the McLaren Formula 1 team's caterer, Absolute Taste. She is the managing director of the company that is majority-owned by the McLaren Group, which also owns the McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team. She started in F1 at the 1989 Monaco Grand Prix, working as a caterer on a yacht for the Leyton House team, which...

Bob Constanduros Talks About Interviewing F1 Drivers
Bob Constanduros is the on-circuit commentator at Formula 1 Grands Prix around the world and conducts the official press conferences organized by the International Automobile Federation, the series' governing body.

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