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McLaren's New Motor Home Was Introduced at the British Grand Prix 2007

Called the Brand Center, After the Three Brands: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes


McLaren created the most elaborate motor home in 2002 with the Communications Center. It then pulled off the same coup again in 2007.
Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Brand Center motor home

The McLaren Mercedes Brand Center motor home in Silverstone the weekend it was introduced, at the British Grand Prix in 2007.

Photo (c) 2007 Brad Spurgeon licensed to About.com, Inc.
McLaren thinks big. The Brand Center is the ultimate in Formula 1 motor homes, and it is difficult to imagine that any other team can upstage this act. Built on three floors, the motor home takes two days to build and about 12 trucks to transport. A reflection of the McLaren team's ambitions, the motor home is the most technologically advanced of all of the motor homes in the paddock.

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