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Resources and Show Enhancers

Whether you watch it on television or see it at the track, the Formula 1 experience can always be improved by live-timing, live commentary - in-car or out-of-car - or knowing the statistics. This is the place to find the links and names and addresses of how to improve your racing knowledge - with books, magazines, newspapera and Web sites - to help improve your racing experience.

Formula 1 Timing Screens Explained
The Formula One Management timing tool, once mastered, is one of the most useful ways for fans, teams and the F1 drivers themselves to see who is doing what at a Grand Prix race. The screen with live timing is found at the circuits and on the Formula1.com web site. Here is a precis using FOM images and instructions of how it operates.

Kangaroo TV Makes Going There the Best Way to See a Race
Kangaroo TV is a hand held mobile device that provides live video, audio and data to fans at Formula 1 races. It offers multiple live streams for them to create a show according to their taste. It has made attending F1 races the best possible way to watch a race, giving spectators not only the smell, feel and look of the event but an even better television show than the one available at home.

Stats F1 for the Records and other Statistics
The most complete and authoritative guide for statistics on Formula 1 is the print guide started in 1979, and maintained from then until today by Jacques Deschenaux, a journalist on Swiss television. But lots of Web sites now offer an excellent rundown of statistics. Stats F1 is one of my favorites.

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