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Sponsorship is the life blood of any form of motor racing, and for Formula 1 it has had a long and distinguished history. Find out how and why sponsorship supports the Formula 1 racing habit and how it works, who the sponsors are and why they pay for racing teams and drivers. See their logos and images and learn about the latest deals.
  1. History of Sponsorship (2)

Allianz as Sponsor and Educator
Sponsors pay for their space in Formula 1 for all sorts of different reasons, but the main one, of course, is so that their product gets noticed. Allianz AG, the insurance company, also has a very good record of giving back to the sport by making the fine details of Formula 1 better known through its highly informative race previews.

Telecommunications Companies Sponsoring Formula 1 Teams
Most Formula 1 fans are aware of the paradigm in which a major car manufacturer uses the sport not only to advertise its road cars with an eye to sales, but also to develop and improve their road car technology. In the same fashion, as Formula One has become increasingly dependent on computers, telecommunications and information technology,...

Zak Brown Talks About Sponsorship in Formula 1
Zak Brown is the chief executive and founder of Just Marketing International, a marketing and sponsorship agency that caters exclusively to auto racing around the world, including the Nascar and Formula 1. An American trying to make it in Europe as a racing car driver in the early 1990s, he found his own sponsors and soon started doing the same...

Johan de Nysschen Talks About F1 and Infiniti
Johan de Nysschen, a South African, became senior vice president of Nissan Motor in July 2012, in charge of the company's Infiniti brand. He had previously worked for 19 years at Audi, including as president of Audi of America and in top posts in Japan and South Africa. Before Audi, he worked for BMW in South Africa. Infiniti is a sponsor of the...

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