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Anatomy of a Formula 1 Event

Although Formula 1 Grand Prix races always take place on a Sunday, there is a lot more activity than that surrounding a race and extending a week around the event. From the arrival of the motor homes and cars and garage equipment to the arrival of the drivers themselves, there's a lot more to it than an hour and a half on Sunday afternoon.

Formula 1 for Motor Racing Ignoramuses, in 10 Easy Lessons (But No Tests)

Formula 1 is the most popular form of world motor racing. It is also at the pinnacle of motor racing both technologically and in terms of the quality of the drivers. But outside its fans, many people do not have any idea of what the difference is between F1 and another car racing series. This story will lay out that difference between F1 Grand Prix racing and the other series.

Formula 1 Timing Screens Explained

Formula 1 has amongst the most complex timing systems in motor racing. But the Formula One Management timing tool, once mastered, is also one of the most useful ways for fans, teams and the F1 drivers themselves to see who is doing what at a Grand Prix race. The screen with live timing is found at the circuits and on the Formula1.com web site. Here is a precis based on FOM images and explanations of how it operates.

The Bridgestone Tire Company's Formula 1 Challenge

Since 2007 the Bridgestone Tire Company is the only provider of tires to all of the Formula 1 teams. Headquartered in Japan, the company makes the tires in Asia and transports them to its base in England before sending them to the tracks around the world. Bridgestone technicians work on the tires at the track throughout the weekend, and engineers take notes to develop the tires for future races.

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