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More than any other aspect, what separates Formula 1 from all other racing series is its technology. From the cars and their tires to the team factories where the cars are made and from the tracks to team pit equipment and drivers' paraphernalia this is the home of the highest expression of racing technology.
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Charlie Whiting Discusses the 2009 Technical Regulations
Charlie Whiting, the FIA technical man and race director, discusses the 2009 technical regulations.

3D Systems: A Three Dimensional Computer Printer
Formula 1 teams have to design and make so many new parts over a single season that speed in production is as important as speed on the track. That's why most teams use computers to design parts, and then, before they make the final car part, they create it in model form out of resin for testing in the wind tunnel. To do that, they use three dimensional-printers like these from 3D Systems.

Watches and Time Keeping Go Together With Formula 1
Most people think motor racing is about speed fast cars, engines, tires, maybe even women. Wrong. Motor racing is all about timing. Drivers are not after speed for its own sake. The buzz comes from lap times, braking times, acceleration times, pit stop times and the precise, marginal differences between them that build incrementally to the...

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