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As a worldwide racing series, Formula 1 is all about travel. But not only that of the teams moving like a traveling circus of old with the logistics of moving the infrastructure and cars. It is also a form of tourism for race fans who go to see the race and the location. Find out the best races for tourism and how to buy tickets and book a trip through a travel agency.
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Package Deals from Grand Prix Tours of Newport Beach, California
Grand Prix Tours of Newport Beach, California, has been offering great package deals from the United States to Formula 1 races around the world. It is one of the many companies that turn the Formula 1 race attending experience into a great way to see the world - and a race.

As Series Expands Around the World, Opportunities for F1 Race Travel Increase
As Formula 1 has expanded to ever more exotic locations around the world, a new industry has developed: Grand Prix tourism. Mixing attendance at a sports event with tourism is not exclusive to Formula 1, but the series at the pinnacle of auto racing with its advanced technology, big business stakes and highly paid drivers and team personnel...

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